Extending Our Home Inspection Service to You

The dynamics that guide the realities in the Long Island Home inspection market keep evolving in line with customer demands. Our business is creating systems that enable you to enjoy first class service, either as a buyer or seller of exquisite property. We have a list of clients that we have serviced in the residential and commercial range. The testimonials speak of our prowess as a leading name in our niche. In view of the need to create a synergy with this platform, it is expedient to highlight some of the things we do. Beyond the facts that are captured in this piece, we would be glad to hold further discussions with you.

Each of our service is customized to meet the need of the clients. We have a huge outlay of various channels that we use to service our areas of coverage. In line with keeping to the terms of our operation, we offer the following services. We inspect the Interior Structure of a property, Roof and Gutters, Attached Garages, Foundations, Basement, Crawlspace and Slabs, Sidewalks and Driveways, Exterior siding, Walls, Ceilings and Floors, Central Heating and Cooling System, Porches and Decks, Electrical Systems, Attic, Insulation and Ventilation, Plumbing System and much more.

We have a strong reach in giving dozens of other services that make our Home inspection service bespoke. The Long Island, NY and home inspection market as a whole has witnessed our expertise and input with a long list of satisfied clients. In order to create a richer base for every individual that is interested in this offer, we are offering a 50% discount for any Member of this association that needs our service. This discount applies to friends and family of any Member of this association. We are determined to keep the home inspection business prime with our dynamic offer. Each engagement promises to give you a rewarding experience.

It is important to mention that in a bid to create better experiences in the Long Island home inspection sector, we have done our background checks on the Properties in Long Island. We discovered that most of the properties have a strong affiliation to great family bond, personal accomplishment drives and other allied matters. This may not apply as an important factor to the competition, but we take the pains to know all we can in order to give great service. We are currently working on a database that allows you to enjoy instant assessment before we give a more detailed report.

Our benchmark is designed to give you same day report for every home we inspect. We would be glad to come for a free on the site assessment before we swing into action. Our channels are open to hear your thoughts and engage in more enriching interactions. We believe that the goal of making every stakeholder enjoy seamless comfort with our service is key to our success. In line with the contemporary shift in the client expectations, we offer free Termite inspection, which comes at a value of $1,500. This means you get a free Termite inspection that covers your property for up to a year. Everything we do is geared to make the Long Island property business enjoy the best home inspection experience.

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Project Manager

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Building Contractors and Associated Divisions Alliance

bcda online headerBuilding Contractors and Associated Divisions Alliance are a group of service providers who have created this unique platform to serve various clients. We understand the challenge of looking for quality and professional service; it can be hectic when you do not know where to begin your search. Our aim is to give you an easy access to a potpourri of experts who have the capacity to meet your needs. The various areas that are covered in this platform make it the one-stop solution for your home and commercial needs. It is evident that the upsurge in individuals who do not have pedigree to handle contemporary issues has become worrisome.

The balance of taking issues from the side of the client and the interests of the professional has necessitated the need for this place. We have continued to engage processes that ensure that every personnel on this platform works in line with acceptable benchmarks. There are systems that have been put in place to manage the interests of the client so that it would be a win-win situation for all parties. Furthermore, our area by area segmentation of the Service providers makes it easy to look up the people who you would like to work it. Our assurance is we have taken the necessary steps to place only certified personnel on this site.

Our network of experts has successfully executed various residential and commercial projects. They have amassed the necessary skills to be able to handle any challenge you might have. They are contractors who have met all the stipulatory regulations that make them able to work in your area. Our system also does routine in-house checks to ensure that everyone is working with the agreed terms of service. The structure that has been put in place is geared to make this platform the ideal place to get your professional jobs done.

Another important parameter is the cost of the services that are offered. We constantly run surveys to see what is obtained in the market and give lower rates. Our belief is that the client must have the edge of great financial relief when this platform is engaged. We have set the benchmark for all the Contractors to ensure we create a level playing ground. Our structure has factored the volatility in the market and we have systems to avoid any abuse of our system. When we receive inquiries or orders on this site, it is viewed as a huge trust reposed in us and we go the extra-mile to ensure we keep our promise.

The values that guide what we do are enshrined in the day to day overview of the performance of the Contractors listed on our site. We have supported businesses that have used the services on this list and have maximized each engagement to beneficial outcomes. In view of the pedigree that we have built, we promise to stick to the system that ensures you continue to enjoy optimal benefits. We are convinced that every experience that you would have on this platform would give you reasons to keep using our service. We value the place of our client in the success of our system and we are here to build sustainable relationships with you.